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The professional independent agents at R.S. Semler & Associates Insurance Inc. are local, community members who see you as a neighbor, not just a policy number.

• We help friends and neighbors manage their risk.

• Provide personal support and service.

• Get to know you and your situation so we can better answer your questions and suggest the best coverages for you.

R.S. Semler & Associates Insurance, Inc.

We have been providing peace-of-mind to Hartford and its surrounding counties for over 45 years. We represent only the most reputable and financially stable insurance companies, which gives our clients the protection they deserve. Our specialty is tailoring policies specific to your personal or commercial needs.

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Long Term Care

Is the care you receive when you cannot take care of yourself because of a physical or cognitive impairment.  This care is usually provided either in your home, an assisted living facility, or a nursing home. 

This type of care is very expensive and government entitlement programs such as Medicare and Medicaid provide limited protection.   Long term care insurance enables you to transfer some of the financial risk of long term care costs to an insurance company.  In exchange for premium payments, long term care insurance enables you to preserve your accumulated wealth from this potentially devastating expense. Read More...




Life Insurance

Life Insurance is a financial product that protects your loved ones.

It is an agreement between you and the life insurance company. You agree to pay a predetermined premium rate. The life insurance company agrees to pay a sum of money to your beneficiary if you die as long as you were still paying your premiums at the time of your death. It is one of the easiest ways to provide for the financial well-being of your family. Read More...