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My child is delivering food with their car. Do I need to share this with my insurance agent?

By April 15, 2019August 23rd, 2021Personal Insurance
Blog - My child is delivering food with their car. Do I need to share this with my insurance agent?

It is great that your child has a job and is earning their own money. The modern world of convenience is offering us many new ways to get food and almost instant retail deliveries, but what you should know is that your standard auto insurance policy likely does not cover you for delivery type services.

Regardless of what you deliver, a personal auto insurance policy doesn’t provide coverage for paid delivery drivers.  For this, you need a commercial auto policy.  Examples of this are freight delivery, food delivery services, courier delivery services, Lyft, Uber and many more.

Some people think that simply not telling their insurance company means they won’t be able to charge them the extra premium and that they will pay the loss.  Don’t kid yourself.  Simply not telling your insurance company that you or your child is using their vehicle for delivery does not mean they will cover you when a loss occurs using the vehicle.  In fact, when it comes to insurance, it is a black and white coverage decision.  Either there is coverage or there isn’t.

When deciding what coverage you need, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Who owns the vehicle you’re using for delivery?  If it is owned by the company, they probably have a commercial policy.  If you own it, you need to carry the right insurance.
  2. How are you using this vehicle?  Delivery drivers need a commercial insurance policy.

Your best bet is to talk to a licensed agent in our office to discuss your insurance needs.  Remember, simply not telling your agent or your company that you or your child is using the vehicle for delivery doesn’t mean you’ll be provided coverage regardless of any auto insurance claim you have to deal with.

Contact us if you have questions or need an insurance review.  As an independent insurance agency located in Hartford, WI, we represent many different insurance companies which offer a wide variety of coverage options and price points. With our connections and knowledge of the market, we can often find a better value for your insurance dollar than you might find searching on your own. We do the shopping. You do the saving. In the end you get the right blend of price, coverage and service.

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