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Are your Boat Docks and Lifts Insured Correctly?

By April 8, 2021August 31st, 2021Insurance, Personal Insurance
Blog - Are your Boat Docks and Lifts Insured Correctly -

Author: IMT Insurance

Do you have questions regarding how coverage is put on boat docks and lifts?

Depending on where the docks and lifts are located and if they are stored, coverage may fall under Other Structures or Personal Property. We’d like to share a bit of knowledge for you to think about when calling us to be sure your property is insured adequately.

Under the Homeowner Policy, a boat dock and/or lift may be classified differently depending if it is removed from the water and stored or if it is NOT removed from the water

If the boat dock and/or lift is permanently attached and not removed from the water to be stored and is ON the residence premises, it most likely would be considered Other Structures on a Homeowner Policy. Boat docks and/or lifts are not considered to be a building, and therefore would be covered as actual cash value. Docks that begin on premises and extend off are considered to be on premises.

If the boat dock and/or lift is permanently attached and not removed from the water to be stored and NOT on the residence premises, it would need to be covered on an Inland Marine Policy. The Inland Marine policy would be covered at actual cash value and policy perils/exclusions and deductible would apply.

If a lower deductible or water damage is desired for the boat dock and/or lift, it can be written on an Inland Marine Policy. Water Damage means damage from surface water, waves, tidal water, overflow of body water, or spray from any of these, whether or not driven by the wind.

Liability coverage for boat docks and/or lifts (not rented to others) away from the residence premises must have the address listed on the primary homeowner’s policy under the Other Residence section.

R.S. Semler & Associates Insurance, Inc. has the resources to help you understand the confusion when it comes to purchasing insurance. We have been providing peace-of-mind to Hartford and Washington County for over 50 years. We represent only the most reputable and financially stable insurance companies, which gives our clients the protection they deserve. We’ll be happy to talk you through the options. Call us at 800-414-5875 or email us at

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