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A surety bond is a great way to guarantee that a large investment in a project is not lost—whether or not the work gets done. This type of insurance is especially common in the construction industry, and is often utilized for government contracts.

A surety bond is an unusual form of insurance in that one person or organization pays for it, while another receives the benefit.

It’s easier to understand with an example. Imagine a contractor is building a new office building for a government agency. The agency naturally wants a guarantee that the taxpayer won’t be left out of pocket if the contractor fails to deliver the offices as promised.

The answer is a surety bond. The contractor pays a premium to an insurer to purchase the surety bond. The insurer then pays the necessary compensation to the agency if the contractor fails to deliver. The big difference between this and ordinary insurance is that the insurer can and will go after the contractor to get this money back. The point of the surety bond is that the agency gets the assurance that it won’t have to chase after the money itself.

While government agencies commonly insist on a surety bond, it can work with any two organizations. The one that purchases the surety bond is “the principal,” while the one that gets any payout is “the obligee.”

R.S. Semler & Associates Insurance, Inc. is proud to introduce eSURETY, West Bend Mutual’s Direct Purchase Commercial Bond Program. West Bend offers a standard market bond facility that doesn’t text-book underwrite. Each account is based on its own merit. Having this flexibility translates into a common-sense approach to bond underwriting.

West Bend can issue bonds quickly and easily through our online bond program, e-Surety. E-Surety offers an immediate online response for a variety of bonds, including commercial and Rapid Bond, our small contractor bond program. Traditional contract bonds may also be obtained with this program.

To select a bond, please click here. From there you will enter your information, check out with a credit card, and print the bond.  When it is time for your bond to renew, you will be sent an email to confirm or update credit card information and to purchase the renewal.  West Bend will process your payment, send an email indicating the bond is paid, and provide a link to access the renewal documents.

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